Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Eugene Hancock

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Class of 1974

Woah! Here I am in Brazil, coming right to the end of one zero whole years in this fine land. You should just see this place! It’s awesome!

Well, you guys probably last saw me flicking my jock in the locker room. You're thinking, like, what is Eugene 'Smooth' Hancock up to now in this funky ol' world? Well, let me tell you - and it ain't all debs in the back of my Chrysler these days. No sir!

Nope, I’m sitting on my fanny, living a life of total leisure. I got me a house. I got me a swimming pool. I got me a top quality supply of blow. And me and the little woman Manuela – you might have seen her in my last film, guys ;) - well, we’re so fucking happy it’s crazy!!

I just so want to hear from you all. If there’s one thing that could make me even happier than I am now, it’d be to hear about your shitty little jobs and miserable lives. Bring it on dudes! HL