Thursday, October 07, 2004

Jackie Rolf

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usClass of 1976

Back in the summer of ’69,
You and I we drank sweet wine
Kept on drinking right thru ’70,
I said I was 12 and thought you were 20
Spring thru summer of ‘71
I let you have your adult fun
’72 was when it dawned on me
that I was still 12 and you were nearer 33
So sentiments like love came belated
You played me like a frotting fool
And didn’t mention we were related
You were the reason I didn’t enjoy school

My therapist advised me to write this poem and he was right, it did me a lot of good. You know who you are and I bear no ill will to you. I’ll leave that to my husband and brothers who are going to hunt you down and fuck you up, bitch. NG