Friday, October 15, 2004

Janice Yates

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usClass of 1972

Mmm- mmm- mm- mm-mmotherfuckers! There, I finally said it. God, I waited so long to say that to you assholes. Twenty-four years I've been sittin' in my room waiting for a site like this. Denny Stump, Sammy Moor - you thought it was funny beatin' up on stammer girl? Goddamn gonna come around and stammer on yo' face, you sons of bitches!

I wish I could say that life after college been fun, but it ain't. It been one humiliating episode after the other. Like when 'JANICE YATES MASTURBATES!' got painted on the I-10 overpass. That you, Denny? But I got real good at the internet (like being one of the first here!) and meeting my lover down in Georgia this comin' fall. Said he likes girls who can't speak good. Said he likes girls with lanky hair way down their shoulders... wait a minute... Jesus, if that's you, Denny, you in for a k-k-kickin! CP